Re: [code] player/mob names snippet

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 06/08/98

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Alex wrote:

> Well, if you sync 'where' with it, it should be as problematic, the only
> thing is, most people wouldn't have done that going by your first message.
> *grin*

I hadn't thought of that when I wrote it.  I've always used, or
when in search of mobs, 'goto name;purge name', repeat as necessary.

> As long as you make sure to point things out well, that isn't the case.
> On VieMud, people have learned how things work, and '0.<name>' is the
> player, '<name>' may not be.

It's nice that VieMud has intelligent players, but you don't have to rub
it in, eh?  ;)

> We incorporated this into VieMud too... with a slight difference, a tell
> to a switched immortal traces to where the switch has gone.  For example:
> Bob the immortal is switched into a cityguard.
>   > tell bob Hey, what's up?
>   You tell Bob 'Hey, what's up?'
>   Bob replies to you 'Shh... busy.'
> That way, you also won't see where the immortal is switched.  Seems to
> make the most sense in terms of quests, rp, or whatever.

I like that much better.  It owuldn't be too hard to send tells to the imm
when addressed by imm name or mob name, though more of a trick to reply


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