Re: [STUBBORN BUG] Expirience gains

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 06/08/98

In a message dated 98-06-08 19:39:10 EDT, vbmasta@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

<< I recently changed the function that gets expirience to next level in
 class.c to use an equasion instead of tobles.  After that I pwiped and when
 I tried to advance a mortal character of mine to level 11 with 'advance
 tester 11' he was advanced to level 24!  I have no idea what's wrong so any
 help would be appriciated.  Thanks

I have the same problem, but it only does this for LVL_IMMORT and above...I
made my MUD 150 levels, and now it doesn't advance properly. ADVANCE 156 (top
level, imp) would take them to 36. ADVANCE 151 is 31. Then I could do
something like ADVANCE 154 and they'd goto 11 or so. Ideas?

-JW (aka Elrelet)

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