Re: [BPL12][DO_WHO]

From: Dave Blair (korasca@NETTAXI.COM)
Date: 06/08/98

Patrick wrote:

>Hi everyone...having some trouble with my who...i am using * New 'do_who'
>by Daniel Koepke [aka., "Argyle Macleod"] of The Keep * and whenever any
>immortal is on and anyone types who for the immortals it says something
>like this:
>[(null)] Onyx Is Sleeping...

Did you change the number of immortal levels from stock?  I had similar
after upping the number of immort levels.  All I did was add enough titles

              const char *WizLevels[LVL_IMPL - (LVL_IMMORT-1)] = {
here -->   "   Immortal    ",
              "      God      ",
              "  Greater God  ",
              "* Implementor *"

to reflect the number of immort levels I had.

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