[Bug]Memory overrun somewhere.

From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 06/08/98

Like the subject says..., memory overrun somewhere...
I wish I could be more specific, but if I knew where it was, I'd probably
have it fixed by now.  I'm not sure what the linux error message is, but
Win95 reports it as "damage before normal block ??????", and the address it
gives (though always different) always corresponds to the address of the
mob_index array.  The crash occurs when you have created a new mob, and it
asks you to save it.  After you hit 'Y', in the medit_save_internally
function, where it free's the old mob_index and re-assigns it to new_index,
it crashes.  I've been through medit.c line by line, and through most of the
other patches that I've installed (and code I've written).  There is very
little original code in it yet (still in early development, adding major
patches such as OLC / MobProgs / etc.)
Only help I can give is to say that OasisOLC 1.6b and the newest version of
MobProgs are both in.  I can't think of any other changes that have been
made that would have any consequence, but I can probably come up with a
complete list of everything if it helps.

If anyone has had a similar problem, or knows how to fix it, I would
appreciate an e-mail.  Even strange ideas about places to look for problems
could help.

Oh..., our server doesn't make core files, but I could download the code
here to my linux box and make one for you if anyone wants one.
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