[CODE] question

From: Andrey Fidrya (andrey@ALEX-UA.COM)
Date: 06/09/98

Hi, All!

I have a question concerning MOB_ISNPC flag. It looks very hackish (we have to
reserve 1 bit in PLR* for it). Is there any reason to not use something like:
#define IS_NPC(ch) (ch->nr != -1)  or
#define IS_NPC(ch) (GET_PFILEPOS(ch) != -1)?

Also, is there any difference between IS_NPC and IS_MOB?
(I saw #defines, but why would we use IS_MOB in some places of code instead
of IS_NPC?)

  Andrey (andrey@alex-ua.com)
    aka Zmey//RMUD

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