[HEDITv2] [POSSIBLE BUG?] 8192+ chars, and exiting

From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 06/10/98

Hi all...

I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else...this isn't a "can
someone fix it" or anything, I'm just wondering...

What happens is thus:
I type "hedit <item>" where <item> is a help entry.  I then go into the
description to edit it.  I then attempt to create a line, and it informs
me that the maximum char size (8192) has been reached.  Fair enough.  If
you then do a '/l' or a '/a' (list or abort), in Windows95 (and less
frequently in Slackware Linux) it seems to crash.  However, if you reboot,
load up again, it doesn't.  It seems to be cycling in groups of three or
so reboots.  I patched the same archive into a stock bpl12, and it happens
there too.  I then tried it on my other PC, and it did the same.  Also
tried in Linux, and it seems to do it every six or seven times.  I know I
can increase the array size of it to a higher value (if that's possible)
but I was wondering if there's anything I'm doing wrong of first?


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