char mode telnet

From: Fafhrd (fafhrd@LINKMASTER.NET)
Date: 06/10/98

This is mostly directed to DAK, but as I've lost his email, I'll post it
here :)
You were working on a char_mode telnet thingy, and I'm interested now in how
far its gone. I've been fathoming uses for it, and think I have a really
good one. Upon editting, a player is switched to char mode, the arrow keys
are mapped to cursor controls, and we then update the screen with VT codes.
After quitting editor, switch back to line mode. This and a few support
functions, and we'de have a pico like editor for boards, notes, and of
course my mapping system :)

Erik Madison
System Engineer
LinkMaster ISP Services
World of Greyhawk 4000

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