Re: mobprogs.patch

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 06/11/98

Anthony Rye wrote:
> i have recently added in this patch (using OasicOlc 1.6(notbeta)
> and i was wondering if someone could tell me what this patch is actually
> for?
>  I have searched the docs and everything (even on the ftp site) for a clue
> what it does, i see nothing special about this patch.
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In a nutshell, it places triggers in the code that
allow you to perform actions based on these. The scripts
are placed right in the mob file and provide builders
with added spice without giving them access to the code.

For example, You can have a gateguard that smiles at everyone that
enters the room with a neutral alignment or higher, and frowns (or
attacks) anyone that enters the room with an evil alignment.

Also, I had a cool script assigned to a Vampire, when the vampire
was gilled, the corpse turned into a bat and flew out a crack in the
ceiling (well it was a message to the room saying so) Then it extracted
the corpse and equipment thus leaving the players SOL and empty handed.
(After a mighty battle I might add, *grin*)

They are real useful but kind of a pain in the but to manage. I prefer
spec_procs myself. I did away with the mob progs and replaced the
with actual calls to spec_procs and other means. I noticed increased lag
when I used the world containing mob progs.

Hope this helps,

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