PERS macro bug?

From: John Evans (evansj@DATAWEST.NET)
Date: 06/14/98

I just noticed that with HolyLight on, that invis mobs are still coming up
as "Someone" on act, even though I can see them in the room and look at
them. This "Someone" is created, by the PERS() macro in utils.h. Here is
what I have (same as stock bpl11):

#define PERS(ch, vict)   (CAN_SEE(vict, ch) ? GET_NAME(ch) : "Someone")

All other occurances of CAN_SEE list the ch, before the vict. Perhaps they
need to be reversed in the macro to make things work properly?

I took the above thought and changed the PERS() macro to be:

#define PERS(ch, vict)   (CAN_SEE(ch, vict) ? GET_NAME(ch) : "Someone")
                               See the change?

This also required the following change in comm.c in perform_act():

      case 'N':
-        CHECK_NULL(vict_obj, PERS((struct char_data *) vict_obj), to);
+        CHECK_NULL(vict_obj, PERS(to, (struct char_data *) vict_obj));

This cleared up the problem with PERS() returning "Someone" when it should

        You may want to check bpl13 and see if this problem is still

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