Re: multi.patch

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 06/14/98

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Del Minturn wrote:

> This part I can't help you on, but my guess is you would have to keep
> track of
> each class the person was.
> Then maybe add in some sort of check in the above code to see if player
> was
> each class?

 The code ya sent was enuf man, thankx, i think i can keep track of it by
TOT_LEVEL from the do_score that and i can also make a remort board.
 this board specially for those ready to remort to avatar. i could just
keep the class avatar of the menu so that way they cant just become avatar
when making there character or does anyone know a way to keep this from
being picked accidental? example
 i logg on my mud as new, i give character a name, pick my race and then
class (i have):
<- C -> leric
<- M -> agic user
<- T -> hief
<- W -> arrior
<- B -> ard
<- D -> ruid
(this is not shown on this list)
<- A -> vatar how ever if a is chosen then you can start at in this class.
 this is what i am also trying to prevent, i was thing if i took it out
the case a part if that would maybe do it?
 sorry to have wrote some much, just trying describe in detail what i am
trying to accomplish here :) send all flame to me personal and not the

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