Re: [OFFTOPIC] Attitudes

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 06/14/98


  Chuckle I have had a couple people mail me directly to blame me for the
long running attitude string. Well yes I guess I did start it(guess i take
no blame.heh). Well I sorta with a bad attitude myself came down hard on a
chap named Chuck. Well Chuck I am sorry. I as I said I took on a bad
attitude. I am mainly on the list to try to keep up with some problems. I
really dont use circle 'for I havent updated since like circle2.X and have
went to copper. However I do try to look at a raw zip here or there when a
question is asked, as an aid to me. You dont really hold Knowledge until
you able to pass it. I was just posting in responce to posts that had
stuff like....
  You obviously dont have a clue.
  You obviuosly dont know how to code. Buy a book.
  What sorta question is that?

  Hey look I am not considered a nice person and I admitt I am not. What I
was trying to say is remarks like the above is not productive, and will
not stop silly posts. The guy I was defending didnt help the cause with
posting a few more even dumber questions, and like you I was little
annoyed, but smart *ss remarks will not solve the problem or stop people
from posting dumb questions. You dont really think shame is a tool over
the NET? Well if so this be the first thread it ever worked on. However in
summary it will never work with everyone, but is always better to try to
point people where the need to go. Flaming on the other hand will never
work. To these poeple getting flamed you can help in making things more
productive by yes buying a c/c++ book, buy a basic command manual for the
OS(operating system) you run your mud on, reading the FAQ(I seen this, buy a nice editor you can get MS visual c++ 4.0 that comes
with a awesome cd loaded with c/c++ commands, rules, etc from Macmillian
publishing for $19.95, or if on unix or some flavor there of type man gdb
man whatever. What I am trying to say is learn how to comminucate with
people by learning the terms to use. Changes might be that your question
is not dumb is that you dont know how to word it or what to call

        Yawn, so dont respond to this post its getting old.

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