Re: snippets

From: d. hall (dhall@WARK.OOI.NET)
Date: 06/14/98

>>>>> thus on Sun, 14 Jun 1998 20:49:53 +0000, Carl wrote:

> I don't get it.. I've tried about 15 snippets. Not one of them worked.
> Are these snippets for specific betas?  Or maybe not win95?
> I'm trying to learn how to add stuff but it is really tuff when nothing
> works right. Someone have a snippet that is sure to work with a
> unmodified 11 for win95? a spells maybe?

Depends on the snippets, and they may be specific to each beta, it's hard
to say w/o more details.

And when you say they don't work, do they tail to compile, not do what you
want, cause the sun and moon and stars to be radically misaligned?


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