[AD] Experienced Coder Wanted

From: The Green Dragon (crimson@ESCAPE.COM)
Date: 06/16/98

        Experienced Coder(s) wanted for a very heavily modified
CircleMud(well should be obvious) for a MUDD that is in limbo from
serious hemorage of Imms. Must have strong knowledge of C, previous work
with Circle is preferred. Must not have commitments to other MUDDs as an
Imm, no exceptions, previous bad experiences have set my mind on this
issue. Creativity a major plus, not everything is set in stone so there
is a good deal of room for creative license. We are currently on a
dedicated server with few limitations. References a plus.

E-mail me at crimson@escape.com

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   .. knowledge is an unsatiable hunger .. which makes life easier and at
   the same time harder .... knowledge is a paradox w/ no resolution just
   a boundless function of human nature .... knowledge is a trap which we
   embrace and which we run away from .... and in the end the only escape
   is death .... or maybe not "<grin>--
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