[HUMOR] 'heftily implied' - THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS POST!!!!!!!

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 06/16/98


  Inexperienced Coder(s) wanted for a very heftily implied version of
We have a great code base (Thanks to our head coder, um, Julio Eleston)
that's just waiting to be modified by you!  We haven't changed anything
yet, but we make it sound like it!!  Hell, if scams were gold, We'd be
Donold Trump!  Anyhow, come on down to our version of heftily implied
CircleMUDD today and see all the stuff waiting for you (thank god it's not
for us)!

Evendoranson Bladewarickcheddercheese

PS - this is for humor, please dont kick me off the list.

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