Re: 'heavily modified'

From: Carlo Mocci (mocci@TIN.IT)
Date: 06/16/98

The problem is that the CircleMUD easily compiles, so a wanna-be
administrator runs to, downloads, compiles, adds some
snippet, and then opens his heavily modified MUD.
But what makes the difference between a stock and a non-stock Circle ?
I don't think that adding some class, some spell, some skill carries out to
a HM Circle MUD. I think that the reason for Circle MUD is public, is for
people who want to build original MUDs over the stock... Stock Circle
aren't really necessary...

So, is your MUD really an heavily modified one ? What have you done for
justifying this statement ?

Please answer to this question, so we compare our heavily-modified-idea...

Our MUD is (for me) an heavily modified one, in that we have introduced an
original wilderness system, with many new commands in it, added online
editor for the wilderness and we are starting to program clan wars based on
the clan patch and our wilderness system.
What about you ?

At 14.32 16/06/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Ever notice how every ad uses that phrase?  I keep forgetting to set up a
>>> filter against 'heavily modified'...  It's a great benefit for USENET too.
>>Maybe that's equivalent for 'all snippets applied'? ;)
>Unfortunately, that is exactly what a lot of CircleMUD builders think it
>means.  That is why Circle has obtained the 'stock stigma'  That's why
>the SPOOC organization, to help promote non-stock CircleMUD's, that
>aren't just snippets added in.  As long as it isn't an 'anti-stock'
>system, it will be appropriate.  We need something to separate the stocks
>from the originals.  If someone wants to play on a stock Circle, let
>them, but those looking for original ones are having a hard time finding
Carlo Mocci -

Coder of Dalila MUD 4000

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