Re: 'heavily modified'

From: Christian Loth (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 06/16/98

Hoi again :)

> So, is your MUD really an heavily modified one ? What have you done for
> justifying this statement ?

I define 'heavily modified' as about 30 kilos of coffee powder;)
(hackers know what I'm talking 'bout ;))

> What about you ?

Uhhhm...lets see...

Okay, first the usual:
more skills/spells, races, etc. etc.
C++ instead of C

now the special:

RoM Event System that enables us to have (not DG Event related):
  - 'stacked' socials
    e.g. You hum along with a catchy tune.
         You raise your arms above your head and sway to and fro.
         You slowly turn in a circle.
         You wiggle your bottom.
         You do the disco duck.

  - death system that enables a resurrection spell
  - automatic quests (a pirate assault on any harbour town)
  - dreams (if you fall asleep you have a chance of dreaming)

RoM Intermud
  - modular Intermud system completely written in C++
    that allows new protocols in a modular way
    (downloadable btw ;) )

RoM Special Attacks
  - makes mobiles fight a bit intelligenter
    (note: new feature, not yet in practical use)

RoM OOP Class based special procedures
  - enables online special procedure assignment

RoM Scripting Engine
  - for builtin quests/mobiles/rooms
  - of course usable with an online editor

RoM OLC which uses an OOP menu interface
  - which can be compared in usability to qt e.g. (widget sets)

'Staymortal' leveling system, based on the four base classes:
  - at level 40 you switch class, and then you switch class every
    20 levels until you become 'Mortal Archmaster' at level 101 and
    level 102
  - however we made bad experiences with this system (power chars,
    people who 'can do everything' -> boredom) therefore we plan to
    implement a new guildsystem.

Oh well and more...what I counted is the goodstuff from a coder's
(i.e. technical) point of view. Of course there are several other goodies.
It's simply what you get when you start a MUD in 199 ( caught me
here...*blush*) I think 2...I myself joined in 1995...and you have people
who constantly work on it (many people...not just 'one' coder and 'one'
admin). It's simply evolution :)

Good enough?

- Chris

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