Re: [ADMIN] Modification Rating System

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 06/17/98

In a message dated 98-06-16 22:00:44 EDT, doppsoft@TZC.COM writes:

<< I know that SPOOC basically died, but here is an idea that may work.  How
 about a group of say 10-20 CircleMUD coders/players (an even mix of both)
 that go to various MUD's and give them a 0-10 rating (0 being right out
 of the box, 2 being lots of snippets applied-little to no new stuff, 5
 being decently modified with a some snippets-some original, 7 being
 heavily modified-very few snippets compared to original, 10 being almost
 unrecognizable as CircleMUD without reading login screen) and then
 getting the average of everyone who rated the MUD to give an overall
 rating (to avoid one person having too much sway)

 The main purpose of this is to provide a 'standardized' rating system for
 CircleMUD's and their originality factor.  That way, those that get good
 ratings can advertise it, be proud of their rating, and have something to
 back it up, while those that make wild claims without any way of backing
 it up will end up having nothing to back up their words. >>

I like your idea, in fact I love it, but how you gonna list these ratings, and
who are you going to get to rate? If you need any siskel and eiberts, I'll
help ya out. :-P


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