Re: [RELEASE][GRIPE] Copyright Myths, WAS: Wilderness/ASCII, Mapping System

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 06/18/98

"Erwin S. Andreasen" <> writes:

> On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Chuck Carson wrote:
> > what goes into getting these. You do not just say your shit is
> > copyrighted or has a license, software companies pay _BIG_
> > money to lawyers to get these drafted and _OFFICIAL_. My
> Most of your mail is wrong. If your fiance has some other sources to the
> claims you present here, I'd love to see them.

You saved me a huge reply here, Erwin.  Thank you for doing my work
for me :)

A while back I found a very interesting piece of email from a mailing
list from the company that hosts my mud.  It had a lot of neat details
regarding copyrights and muds.  I'll post it here if anyone would like
that (it's fairly lengthy and might need splitting into two parts).

> > Yea, I know copyrights are cheap (especially the 'poor mans')
> > but about the only mud related thing you could probably copyright
> > and expect to be able to do any stable defenses of, is a mud name.
> See #6 in that FAQ. You can't copyright names. See also:
> on info about what you CAN copyright.

He is probably thinking of trademarks instead of copyrights.  People
tend to muddle trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

James Turner     

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