Re: [RELEASE] Wilderness/ASCII Mapping System

From: Matt McLaughlin (mattm@SATYRS.ENGR.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 06/18/98

  Hey you guys that are arguing over this..  listen up!   Whoever's code
it was that had been done first, should have the initial rights to do
what he/she pleases with it.  If that means, stickin it on the shareware
sites for everybody to see.. then so be it.

  Don't expect anybody to be copying your code, just because they come
up with it at a later date.   Its possible that people reinvent the wheel,
because some people are just idiots to not know what the hell is going on
in the real world.

  Here is a solution to what might solve this from occuring again:

==  I would ask the list if indeed, anybody has done XXXXXX (whatever)
before in the past.  If somebody replys, YES..   Then ya might want to
see if they can prove it.

  Afterall, if they have the code why not take a peek.  You should both
have the same thing.

  All I know is, if it was my code..  I wouldn't want anybody taking
credit for my own work other than me.  Im sure everybody else feels the
same or could care less...

  Now I have said all this, just be honest about if your
sampling code, and take credit for making the ammendments to it.

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