Re: who -> html question

From: Will Shaw (romulan@DIALUP.DSTM.COM)
Date: 06/20/98

Why don't you just have circle output the who listing to a HTML file, and
run the sign util with that file as its input?  That way, people could
access the url and get the up-to-date
who listing.  There doesn't need to be an http daemon running this way,
nor do you need to use ftp to upload the file.  Just add a link to (or whatever port sign is running on) and ppl can see
the wholist.

At 12:04 AM 6/20/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Jesse Scott wrote:
>> Hey all :)
>> I'd like to add a who -> html system but the problem is that the mud
>> webpage isn't on the mud server, in fact there is no httpd at all on
>> mud server, what I have to do is have circle run a script or something
>> that would upload the new who page to my FTP account.  My question is
>> how I would write the script that would do the uploading, is there an
>> easy was to control and FTP transfer from a script?  I also want to
>> sure that the MUD doesn't wait for the script to finish before going on
>> so as not to slow it down to much.  Any help or suggestions would be
>> appreciated.  Thanks!
>> -Jesse

Will Shaw

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