[ASCII 2.0b] Bugs(?)

From: The Fractal Dimension Staff (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 06/22/98

After I started running with ascii pfiles 2.0b, I noticed that player
stats (char_ability_data) wasn't loading right.  It would save the
real_abils fine, but when it loads all stats reset to 0.

I hand patched it in and I am pretty sure I did not make any
mistakes, because everything else loads fine -- except for aliases...
and if aliases are in the pfile, when it tries to load the aliases,
the harddrive goes into a reading frenzy and will not stop.

Also, before compilation, "->_fileno" in diskio.c should be changed
to "->file"... at least in Windows 95, compiling with  MSVC 5.

Other than that it works great.
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