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From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/23/98

        I didn't get a crash log for this, where as I have having problems getting
MSVC to do certain things that mud is supposed to do, so, I will give you
what I did, and see if you have the same problem. Hopefully someone with
more coding background than myself can help anyone else who may be
experiencing this problem. What I typed was "show shop 30" and the mud
downed itself. I have not added any new shops, and have not really changed
anything about shops other than a couple of things that they sell. I am
thinking this may be something with stock. If this has already been looked
at in bpl13 or bpl14, I am sorry for spamming the list.

        A couple other misc questions I have are: Is MSVC, or Windows able to log
files, such as the GC commands etc? I have opened my syslog, as well as
where they are supposed to be shipped to and have not found anything except
for Syslog --------- or something to that extent. Another one is, when I
booted up bpl13, I followed the directions it gave for Windows95 and
everything worked just fine. When I did a shutdown reboot on the other
hand, it did not reboot, but instead just shut'er down.

        Last, I am sorry for 1, making it sound as though Jeremy Elson did, and
doesn't now, as George stated, it was completely unitentional. Number 2, I
didn't mean to put Mr. George. I started to type Mr. Greer, realising it
was too formal, attempted to backspace over it and type George. (shrugs).
Guess thats what I get for staying up strange hours.

- Kyu -

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