Re: Required sleep?

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 06/22/98

> Has anyone developed a system for players to require them to sleep for
> any specific amount of time?

Not to talk you out of it by any means, but this would have to be done
pretty creatively to make it work within the context of a MUD.  I played
on one  once that tried this (and also killed you for forgetting to eat),
at the time my tastes didnt run to this, so I didnt stay long.

IMHO the best part of mudding is the 'Grand Heroic Scope' of it all.  That
is why we don't have bathrooms coded.

To actually do it, you would want to add 1 (maybe 2) values to the pfile.
I would use one as a MAXIMUM limit of hours awake.  Maybe 48, (if you have
different races, you may wish to consider this being a race depandant
amount).  Some checks in various skills and of course in fight.c and
do_cast to reduce their effectiveness after x amoutn of hours awake.
(If you have magic, and depending on your beleifs, you could have a
randomly fluctuation of the power of spells based on their tiredness, as
extremely tired would be closer to the sleeping subconcious mind).

The 2nd value would be a more subjective rating. maybe 1-100, with 100
being total exhaustion.  This wouldnt move lock step with the hours awake,
but instead reflect physical exertion.  Maybe every fight they are in (or
every round depending on the pace of your MUD) adds one to this.  When
they hit 100 they will be making Constitution checks to not pass out.

Then of course in limits.c where they get all their points back, have the
state of sleeping reduce HOURS_AWAKE(ch) by 2 or 3 per hour slept, and
exhaustion reduced in some similar ratio.

Oh, a last thing, you may want to run an HOURS_AWAKE check in handler.c
every tick to reduce their attributes (str, dex, int, etc) if they are up
too long, and then restore them as they sleep.

Hrmf, what a babble, Good Luck with it all :)

Ghost Shaidan

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