Re: [NEWBIE][Cygwin32-Compiling]

From: John Young (cyrus@TNET.COM.AU)
Date: 06/23/98

The problem was that I hadn't made the bin directory in c:/, but thats fixed
and I've configured it properly. My current problem is compiling. After
typing make in the src directory, it starts to compile, but after a short
time it comes up with some warnings about comm.c, like

comm.c:107: initializer element is not constant
comm.c: In function 'main':
comm.c:259: warning: subscript has type 'char'
comm.c: In function 'process_input':
comm.c:1375: warning: subscript has type 'char'
make[1]: ***[comm.o] Error 1
make: ***[all] Error 2

and stops compiling altogether. Again can anyone offer some help?

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