Re: Show Shop

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/23/98

> >What I typed was "show shop 30" and the mud downed itself.
> Don't suppose you have more information, such as anything from the
> debugger?

        I'm still having troubles getting my logs to work right, I am sorry I am
not able to provide you with more. I was hoping someone else may have the
same problem so they could fill in where I was lacking. Though, nobody has
spoken up, and I am sure that most people are not anxious to try and crash
their mud (but I am sure there are a few). I am using bpl12, I am going to
check bpl13's show shop code and see maybe if there is a difference.

        I was wondering if anyone has a stock autorun type thing for bpl13 that is
designed for usage to run under Windows MSVC? I have an autorun type script
for my current mud, though with all the changes made with it, it will not
run bpl13 correctly. On a better note, I am happy to have a "shutdown
compile" command ;>

- Lord Kyu -

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