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From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@ERSKINE.POLARISTEL.NET)
Date: 06/23/98

George wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Lord Kyu wrote:
> >What I typed was "show shop 30" and the mud downed itself.
> Don't suppose you have more information, such as anything from the
> debugger? I don't know how to use it (never have tried), but you could
> our resident Windows 95 expert answer guy about it. (Rob)

  You refering to me, or another Rob?
     Anyway, yes I did post a fix for this darn near a year ago.  It was
and it was a tad hackish, but WTH, it worked....
  You should be able to search the list archives for "sedit bug" or some
and find
my old posts about it.
 (note)  this was for bpl11, the current version of Oasis, and MSVC 4.2.

Your miliage will vary, and I no longer use MSVC at all so I'm not very
up to date with how it works with the more current patch levels :)

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