[win95] autorun + stderr vs. stdout

Date: 06/24/98

  I have just finished making a .bat version of the autorun script.  It is
completely functional like the autorun script, as it responds to all the
files.  It also allows syslog capability if stdout is used instead.  I can
post a copy, or send it to the ftp sites if any of you win95 users are
interested.  E-mail me, not the list, for a copy.

  As I was playing with the autorun.bat, I noticed that for some reason I
could not redirect the output of stderr to a file.  It would just echo to
the window as usual(I am running pl13 and LOGNAME=NULL).  I then found out
that if I changed the logfile to go to stdout instead of stderr, the
redirection from the .bat file would work fine.  So I was wondering, Is
there any reason why stderr was used over stdout?  I changed it to stdout
and everything works normally.
Actually, it just occurred to me that all those perror()'s go to stderr by
default, so they would never get redirected.  Guess I can change them to
log()'s, or simply freopen() stderr, or maybe have freopen() append syslog
and have autorun rename the files each time. hmmm  Any ideas?

  Also, I had one other problem with the .bat file: I could not figure out
how to display time or date.  I tried the date and time commands, but they
also prompt for a new time.  Any win95/dos experts know how I could do that?

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