Re: [OLC] [HEDIT] Not saving

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/24/98

As some people had this problem (the ones that did not read the documents
real well!) myself included.

The docs are a little confusing, it was designed to edit ONLY one file.. so
all your help files will have to be combined into one. (I personally don't
like that idea). If you created a help topic and it didn't work. I suggest
HIGHLY to edit the help file (thats defined in hedit code, normally
help.hlp?) and check the LAST entry. It may be messed up.
Or atleast mine was when I hedit'd and the entry was not created properly. I
had to remove the last entry to allow hedit to work again.

Even though the argument of the command is the help topic, it will NOT add
that to the file. The first line of the hedit topic has to be the ALIASes.

<RTFM as some will end up telling you>

Pat O'Laughlin wrote:
> I have the hedit that came with the OLC+ package and I have been having
> problems with hedit not saving.  I make a new help entry, quit the
> editor, type 'y' to save, and then type hedit save and then type help
> <the new entry> and it will not work.  I'm sorry for not supplying any
> code for this but I don't know which to supply.  Did anyone have the
> same problem?
> -Pat
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