Re: new Oedit.c Code

From: The Mighty Mighty Bosstone (skaking@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/24/98

>Ok, I've got two different things to say about this.  Firstly, the "God
>help us all" was uncalled for, even if Quinn is a code thief and a
>Anyway, now about the code.
>The code Quinn has created won't work without adding a snippet from
>page.  You can thank Quinn if you use his OLC, but it might not work
>because (1) he used an old oedit to start from which may conflict with
>newer code (2) if you're using dg scripts, his code will prolly wipe
>the oedit code (3) there's nothing for db.c to assign the values (4) it
>seems to assume that you're using olc (the olc.h def'n) with levels in
>already.  Talk to Quinn about the code itself.  For more info on
>object affects, go to
>At least give Quinn credit if you use it.  I may toss out my old mud
>people to play with to see the changes I made to the OLC for room
>teleportation (its own menu), especs on mobs, object levels, object
>affects, weapon spells, etc...  Gotta find the code first.

     Could somone put a Oedit.c with perm affects and dg's out. I had
dgs but now i dont thanks to this. With a "Newer version of olc like

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