Re: Clip Dependant weapons

From: The Fractal Dimension Staff (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 06/24/98

> I started to code a futuristic mud where I had this type of system.
> What I did was add several new variables to the object structure,
> mainly increasing the value[4] array to value[8].
> Then for the weapon item types, I used one of these new slots to hold
> a bit if the gun had a magazine in it, and if so, the next slot
> contained
> how many bullets it had. Then your load/reload commands do all the
> necessary
> checks like ammo type, size, and all that stuff. I got weapons working
> pretty good but once I got deeper into this mud, I ran into a lot of
> 'brick walls' when trying to implement stuff. The circle combat system
> is
> not structured well for a system of this nature. I wanted to implement
> cyclic rates, the ability to fire off several shots per round, delayed
> grenades, and all that stuff and I just lost interest in the whole
> project.

Easily done, as I've recoded ranged 2.1 to support that kind of
thing, using fire_weapon and missile(which I renamed to ammo in the

However it was quite discouraging along the way... since ranged
weapons was not too stable on windows 95.  The grenade-explodin'
function didn't work because it'd call obj->next right after obj was
freed after its unfortunate demise. :)

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