Calculating Speed and Combat Rounds

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 06/24/98

Yes, yet another person takes a shot at modifying the combat system
to work based on stats.

What I've done so far is this:

I've lowered PULSE_VIOLENCE to half a second.  This is most likely a bad
idea because that means that my function is run four times as often as
before.  One is the suggestion put out by dak a while ago.

I've made a calculate speed function which takes a character and returns
a number based on the following stuff:
* begin with a 2 dice roll with 2 sides as to make 3 most likely
* add weight (total) of what they are carrying / 30 (i feel this is bad)
* weight (total) of what they are wearing / 60 (i feel this is bad)
* a speed bonus based upon their dexterity (range of +2 -> -2)
* It must be at least one and at most five.

Anyway, over all, it's not bad, but I don't find it exceptionally good
either.  My biggest problem is that I have spells which "morph" the
player into a creature with 8 arms and the like, and this effectively
eliminates that.  I don't want to simply remove everything I've added,
and I think I should modify the stuff to do something with number of

Here are my ideas:
  * a morphed player is flagged AFF_MORPH.  Make a haste-like effect on
them for the sake of the arms.
  * use better math

What are your ideas?  feel free to help!


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