Re: [RELEASE] Wilderness/ASCII Mapping System

From: j f chaos (jfchaos@JUNO.COM)
Date: 06/24/98

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:16:28 -0400 Christopher Avans <parka@CDC.NET>
> Well here we go...
>  Patent them and chase offenders how?
>seems like a bad statment but it is, you have to accept that if you
>post am idea, code, etc you gonna get people who use it and give no
>much less something in the log in screen. Sorry man you put it on a ftp
>site you must accept such things unless you rich and bored.
I haven't entered anyone into my credits yet, but I have all the
patches/snippets that have been put in and tinkered with in their own
directory so that when I go to get the mud up and running I can just put
them in (or hunt down the people that have no name in the file);

As to this thread a piece of code being copyrighted isn't easily proved.
All someone has to really do is change the time/date stamp and add some
cosmetic changes to make it look like they coded it first.

I think that the person should be given credit for something they
probably slaved over and tore their hair out getting to work.

Jon Falkner

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