Re: [OLC] [HEDIT] Not saving

From: The Mighty Mighty Bosstone (skaking@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/25/98

>From your main circle directory:
>cd lib/text/help
>pico index
>Your index should look like:
>Go into the MUD and Reboot.  You are updating the help.hlp file without
>having the MUD use it in the index.  I'm pretty sure I put that in the
>readme, but I _DID_ leave a lot out of it.
 you wrote:
>>I have the hedit that came with the OLC+ package and I have been
>>problems with hedit not saving.  I make a new help entry, quit the
>>editor, type 'y' to save, and then type hedit save and then type help
>><the new entry> and it will not work.  I'm sorry for not supplying any
>>code for this but I don't know which to supply.  Did anyone have the
>>same problem?

I also have had that problem. My index does look like that.
                   - Bosstone

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