Personal Experience and ObCircle

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 06/25/98

Hah, I just had a funny little experience I thought I'd share with you
all.  I was alerted when a character appeared on my unopened MUD
requesting help with DG Scripts.  Anyway, they had been using the OLC+
package I put together for bpl12.  I get to their MUD, and start helping
them, and then it strikes me to check their credits (Actually, I was
alerted when their startup screen had no CircleMUD credits nor Diku
credits).  I check the credits, and the Diku and Circle credits are
gone.  However, they have made a new command called "circlemud" which
lists the old credits.  In any event, I wasn't there.

I just thought it was funny for a person to request help with code they
provide without ever crediting them with it in the process.  Being the
hypocrite that I am, I still helped them out, but gave them a severe
tongue-lashing (20 lashes with a ruler across the tongue).

Anyway, now lets try something relevant to Circle, shall we?

--- ObCircle ---

I implemented the "suggestion snippet" for battle timing by dak which
makes a timer based on certain environmental statistics.  I was
wondering what you all think about using wait states.  For example, the
character can, under dak's notes, cast 50 spells even if they are in a
battle wait of 6 seconds.  I figured it would be ok, but then it struck

Do I really want characters waiting six seconds between slashes?  I
mean...  ouch, that's slow.  So I'm wondering if it would be better to
find out which character's timer is greater, and decrement them slower
(7 seconds) by the quicker (5 seconds), which would then set off the
quicker person and decrement the other persons wait to 2, and the
quicker person would then be recalculated to lets say 4.  Now, they are
both decremented by the timer.  "SLOW" is now quicker, at 1 second, and
"FAST" is at 3.  Subtract the lower from the bigger, and slow gets the
next attack, while fast is now at two.  A cycle, you see.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?  I'm going to go try to implement this,
and, well, I'd especially like dak's thoughts.  :P


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