Bug in Oasis OLC 1.6b

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 06/25/98

This is mainly to George and/or whoever maintains Oasis:

A builder of mine found a bug recently.  It was quite annoying --
basically it amounts to freeing data that shouldn't yet be freed.  The
problem can be reproduced as follows:

using circle3pl13a and oasis olc 1.6b:

medit 1299 and make the mob
save it, reboot
medit 1298 and make a mob
load mob 1299
purge the room
medit 1299 again and you'll see it is corrupted

I've not completely pinpointed the problem, but it is centered around
free_char in the final of the large if statements (basically it seems
the code is freeing what is thought to not be prototype data but it
is... very peculiar).  I'll poke around with it a bit more and
hopefully get a patch available (no guarantees, but I'll try).

James Turner                turnerjh@xtn.net             UIN: 1102038

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