From: Scott Johnson (Scott.Johnson@SUFSYS.COM)
Date: 06/26/98

I just installed oasis 1.6 on my mud and was looking forward in creating
new areas on-line.  First I couldn't figure out how to create a zone
with oasis so I created on manually in the directory.  After the zone
was created I was allowed to edit and create rooms/monsters/objects.
Everything was fine until... I rebooted the mud.  Everything appeared to
have disappeared.  So I went into the directories and took a look.  It
looks like the files have been modified (XX.ZON and XX.WLD) but it
didn't reload on the reboot.  I've searched high and low on information
on using oasis to create areas to no avail.  Does anyone know what I'm
doing wrong?  Oh as a foot note, any of the changes I made to existing
areas stayed.


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