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From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 06/26/98

Scott Johnson <Scott.Johnson@SUFSYS.COM> writes:

> I just installed oasis 1.6 on my mud and was looking forward in creating
> new areas on-line.  First I couldn't figure out how to create a zone
> with oasis so I created on manually in the directory.  After the zone
> was created I was allowed to edit and create rooms/monsters/objects.
> Everything was fine until... I rebooted the mud.  Everything appeared to
> have disappeared.  So I went into the directories and took a look.  It
> looks like the files have been modified (XX.ZON and XX.WLD) but it
> didn't reload on the reboot.  I've searched high and low on information
> on using oasis to create areas to no avail.  Does anyone know what I'm
> doing wrong?  Oh as a foot note, any of the changes I made to existing
> areas stayed.

Did you include the zone number of the zone you created by hand in the
appropriate index files (zon/index, mob/index etc)?

To make a new zone with Oasis, do "zedit new #" where # is the number
of the zone you wish to make (the first vnum of the zone will be the
number you type times 100).  Then "redit N" where N is the first vnum
of that zone.  Make the room and save it, then goto it, and run
zedit.  Rename the zone.  Voila.


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