[OASIS/EBUF/bpl13a] detach_buffer error

From: Bradley D. Hartin (bhartin@MA909A.TAMUCC.EDU)
Date: 06/27/98

I've spent the last week hand-patching the enhanced buffering system (1.8)
and patch level 13a over a reasonably modified bpl12 with OasisOLC 1.6.
The only conflict I have at the moment is between Oasis and the buffering

Zedit and Redit both cause a number of misc. buffer errors, from
detach_buffer errors, to corrupted buffers, to buffer overflows, all
eventually resulting in an emergency reboot but the buffer system.

Okay, I'll be honest that I'm being lazy, and looking for a quick fix, as
I have too many other things to take care of lately.  Does anyone have a
fix for this, or a patch?

Brad Hartin -- Realms of Fury

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