Re: [DGSCRIPTS] Compile messages and meanings?

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 06/27/98

Julian Buckley wrote:
> I was wondering if *anyone* can inform me of how I can lose the following
> messages that appear when compiling a win95 mud...:
> Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.61.6038
> Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1996. All rights reserved.
> ***SNIP***
>         cl -c /nologo /I. /IC:\MSDEV\INCLUDE dg_mobcmd.c
> dg_mobcmd.c
> dg_mobcmd.c(136) : warning C4129: 'e' : unrecognized character escape
> sequence

Uhm, as I recall, dg_mobcmd.c uses a define of UID_CHAR for something
I'm not interested in looking up right now.  You'll find in

#define UID_CHAR        '\e'

Change this to something Microsoft allows.  (Randomly experiment--can't
hurt anything, really...  Well, wait.  You are using Microsoft...)


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