Re: [Long] Misc Bugs of Circle 3.0/13a

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/28/98

> >The way that I see to fix this is make the amount of time it lasts
> >ative rather than their actual strength.

        Yes, this works, but then strength is only able to be raised once, which
makes the spell less useful for a mage that only has an 11 strength. I
guess you could change other things around. I made that change in the way I
did to have strength work the same, just avoid the problem it was giving.

> I see the current behavior as fitting punishment for someone doing
> something stupid.

        I agree with you here, though it isn't always the players fault. A lot of
players get used to casting spells when they feel they are about to run
out. The spell adds to the time, but also adds to the effect. Eventually
with a player doing this they will overload. Also, I was having a high
level mage get mad at another player (I am running a mud without player
killing) and they would "help" the person they were mad at by casting
strength on them 100 times. The IMP of another mud I do code testing on got
to talking to me about making the affect for all spells. Meaning after they
get so many hours of a spell, it would switch and take opposite effect.
Like +20 for the armor spells instead of -20. :) Sounds like fun. ;>

- Lord Kyu -

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