From: Avram (avram@GTE.NET)
Date: 06/28/98

well i still type something like wield warhammer
and it says
You put a steel warhammer on around your left wrist.
but when i look at my eq it says
<wielded>            a steel warhammer

here is the code i have changed since many people told me to put it in the
back of the lists.

In act.item.c

void wear_message(struct char_data * ch, struct obj_data * obj, int where)
  char *wear_messages[][2] = {
    {"$n lights $p and holds it.",
    "You light $p and hold it."},

    {"$n slides $p on to $s right ring finger.",
    "You slide $p on to your right ring finger."},

    {"$n slides $p on to $s left ring finger.",
    "You slide $p on to your left ring finger."},

    {"$n wears $p around $s neck.",
    "You wear $p around your neck."},

    {"$n wears $p around $s neck.",
    "You wear $p around your neck."},

    {"$n wears $p on $s body.",
    "You wear $p on your body.",},

    {"$n wears $p on $s back.",
    "You wear $p on your back.",},

    {"$n wears $p on $s head.",
    "You wear $p on your head."},

    {"$n puts $p on $s legs.",
    "You put $p on your legs."},

    {"$n wears $p on $s feet.",
    "You wear $p on your feet."},

    {"$n puts $p on $s hands.",
    "You put $p on your hands."},

    {"$n wears $p on $s arms.",
    "You wear $p on your arms."},

    {"$n straps $p around $s arm as a shield.",
    "You start to use $p as a shield."},

    {"$n wears $p about $s body.",
    "You wear $p around your body."},

    {"$n wears $p around $s waist.",
    "You wear $p around your waist."},

    {"$n puts $p on around $s right wrist.",
    "You put $p on around your right wrist."},

    {"$n puts $p on around $s left wrist.",
    "You put $p on around your left wrist."},

{"$n wears $p about $s back.",
    "You wear $p around your back."}

    {"$n wields $p.",
    "You wield $p."},

    {"$n grabs $p.",
    "You grab $p."},

static char *keywords[] = {

  if (!arg || !*arg) {
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_FINGER))      where = WEAR_FINGER_R;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_NECK))        where = WEAR_NECK_1;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_BODY))        where = WEAR_BODY;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_HEAD))        where = WEAR_HEAD;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_LEGS))        where = WEAR_LEGS;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_FEET))        where = WEAR_FEET;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_HANDS))       where = WEAR_HANDS;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_ARMS))        where = WEAR_ARMS;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_SHIELD))      where = WEAR_SHIELD;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_ABOUT))       where = WEAR_ABOUT;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_WAIST))       where = WEAR_WAIST;
    if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_WRIST))       where = WEAR_WRIST_R;
if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_WIELD))       where = WEAR_WIELD;
if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_BACK))        where = WEAR_BACK;
  } else

The rest will be in #3 cus i cant put much more on here =)

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