Re: [CODE] A scribe skill

From: The Fractal Dimension Staff (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 06/29/98

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 13:23:17 -0500, Cheryl Drago <creed@EXIT1.I-55.COM> wrote:

>Also, I was wondering if, instead of giving scrolls a number of -1 and them
>not saving, if I could just create a blank scroll, then when a player
>scribes something, modify the level of the spell, the spell number, and the
>name of the scroll, but leave it's vnum.  Would that change every other
>scroll with the same vnum?

The strings of all the copies of the blank scroll would be changed.  If say I
cast 'scribe' and create a scroll with fireball at level 10, then my scroll
would cast fireball at level 10.  Nobody elses scroll would cast fireball at
level 10.  That is, if your code is done right.  However, everybody's scroll
would be "a scroll of fireball".  This is due to the object prototypes and that
the strings aren't currently saved in the rentfiles.

I'm working on something very similar to this where the players could create an
object and modify their own copy, but nobody elses.

Somebody should probably get in touch with Sammy, see how the ascii files
project is coming along... :) --- Read section below for more bug reports.

[ Yet more on ascii-pfiles 2.0b ]

Used to be my plr_index would save correctly.  However, recently it just saves
to plr_index.tmp and will absolutely not update plr_index.  The file buffer
system is screwing up somehow, and I have not changed it one iota ... well,
except changing "_fileno" to "_file", but that was before it messed up saving
the index.  The plrfiles still save fine.

Does anyone know what's happening?  Please help me!

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