Re: DG Scripting Mailing List

From: Stefan Wasilewski (smw@TRITONNETWORKS.COM)
Date: 06/29/98

I would like to point out that Mark Heilpern did the circle community a
favor by extracting the script code from the DG base and releasing it as
an easy to use patch.  However, Eric Green wrote the script code, with
(very little) input from me, while we were running Death Gate a few years

Please give credit where credit is due.

(he who was once Puck of Death Gate)

>I am opening a mailing list for help based on Mark Heilpern's DG Scripts.
>I will release more information after I've set it up, but for now, mail
>me at my work address ( and you will be added when the
>list comes up.  A policy FAQ will be available soon.

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