[NEWBIE] is something wrong with my make file?

From: Avram (avram@GTE.NET)
Date: 06/29/98

Ok I now know why I keep getting those errors everytime I try to compile
with nmake all its does is compile the obj files and this is what is says

        set lib=C:\MSDEVSTD\LIB
        link /OUT:circle.exe /nologo /subsystem:console comm.obj
act.comm.obj ac
t.informative.obj act.movement.obj act.item.obj  act.offensive.obj
 act.social.obj act.wizard.obj ban.obj boards.obj  castle.obj class.obj
bj constants.obj db.obj fight.obj graph.obj handler.obj  house.obj
bj limits.obj magic.obj mail.obj mobact.obj modify.obj  objsave.obj olc.obj
.obj spec_assign.obj spec_procs.obj spell_parser.obj  spells.obj utils.obj
er.obj color.obj random.obj redit.obj oedit.obj zedit.obj medit.obj
sedit.obj ae
dit.obj hedit.obj wsock32.lib
        NMAKE /NOLOGO /S circle.exe

thats all it says no matter what i change in all the files.....
I haven never changes the makefile before except once and it worked fine for
months after that.....

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