Re: Error Long" at "Jun 30, 98 08:07:36 am"

Date: 06/30/98

> How do I fix this error? This is the last 3 lines of my syslog.CRASH.
> Thank You.
> Tue Jun 30 08:17:56 :: Loading triggers and generating index.
> Tue Jun 30 08:17:56 :: Loading rooms.
> SYSERR: Room 99 is outside of any zone.

        Did you look and see exactly where that error message comes from in
the code?

% grep -in "is outside of any zone" *.[ch]

        will point you to this section in db.c

  while (virtual_nr > zone_table[zone].top)
    if (++zone > top_of_zone_table) {
      fprintf(stderr, "SYSERR: Room %d is outside of any zone.\n", virtual_nr);

        So take a look at the area file that contains room #99, and see
what zone number it has been assigned to, and check if there is a valid zone
file for that zone number.
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