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From: Daniel Staudt (dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/30/98

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From: "ERROR: Too Long" <micron@NET.BLUEMOON.NET>
Subject:      Re:  Error

>> How do I fix this error? This is the last 3 lines of my syslog.CRASH.
>> Thank You.
>> Tue Jun 30 08:17:56 :: Loading triggers and generating index.
>> Tue Jun 30 08:17:56 :: Loading rooms.
>> SYSERR: Room 99 is outside of any zone.

either your zone index file is out of order or you have 'top of zone' to
high and it is going in to other zones. probably is the first. the mob,
obj etc MUST be loaded incrementally from 0 thru 99999999. it can't go
down and then up again

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