Re: Distribute Command

From: Cracked Egg (dontfearthereaper@DEATHSDOOR.COM)
Date: 06/30/98

>>I need a command that would take everything in my inv. and teeport it to
>>the given room numbers
>>ex.  distribute 1 99999
>>(that would put everything in my inv in random rooms between room 1 and
>>I doubt any coder can code this but.. hey its worth a try.

I'm not even gonna attempt to CODE this, but it may be possible to use DG
to do it.  If there is any way to get it to go through your inventory and
do a oteleport %object% %random.99999% it would probably work.  Any
suggestions on maybe a random.inventory switch?

I'm not fluent enough in C yet to code a command for it, but i'm sure there
is a way.

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