coding.doc - disregard the previous message

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (lpcarvalho@SONAE.PT)
Date: 07/01/98

Duh! The last paragraph of my previous message was a bit garbled,
so here is the correct message:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if there is any work going on on coding.doc
and if there is what are the parts that still need to be done.

If there is need , since i'm going to write a large amount of specprocs now,
and need to study the ins and outs of it all, I could write that chapter of

On a side note, it came to today that it would be useful to have some
way keeping some status variables from a reboot to the other, some way to
change the whole environment of the MUD without the need to recompile.
Consider it a sort of a system.ini file, modifiable (sp?) from inside the

You could set the pk_allowed, pt_allowed, free_rent, whatever. Using
spec_procs you could put certain zones in quest mode and when the quest
is done return to normal status.

Yet another idea: (i'm on a roll now :))

A new command for zone files: J <if-flag> <nlines>

if if-flag is 0 or if it is 1 and the last command was successful, jump
nlines relative to current line.

If you add command 'T <string> <value>' that is successful if the variable
<string> has the <value> you could do some very clever scripting in the zone
reboot commands.

By the way, the J command is very simple to implement and already is in my
MUD. Just keep in mind not to jump out of the script. And keep the command
restricted to experienced builders. It is very easy to enter a loop.

Comments anyone?


Luis Carvalho

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