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From: Daniel Staudt (dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 07/01/98

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Date:         Wed, 1 Jul 1998 12:58:28 -0400
From: Ron Cole <rcole@EZY.NET>
Subject:      Re:  coding.doc

>A new command for zone files: J <if-flag> <nlines>
>if if-flag is 0 or if it is 1 and the last command was successful, jump
>nlines relative to current line.

This sounds like trouble when using number of lines.  Adding or deleting
commands causes all sorts of potential problems.  Instead, add another
type of
reset command ($ perhaps) that is a label, and then have your jump
command go to
the label name.  If the label doesn't exist, ignore the jump and syslog


but if the label is farther on down the file then it won't know about it
or where it is because itt has not hit it yet
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