Re: [DEBUGGER] gdb

From: Richard Glover (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 07/03/98

gdb bin/circle lib/circle.core

or if you use the copyover patch:
gdb bin/circle.current lib/circle.current.core

Then type where.  This will show you the functions that were called to get
to your seg fault, all the way back to main().  It'll include line numbers,
so it's pretty straight forward to find the error.  Ignore the strange stuff
with ?? and all, just go for the last readable function and that's where
your error is happening.

BTW, the FAQ explains exactly what I just said.


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From: Christoffer Lundberg <avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE>
To: <>
Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 6:06 AM
Subject:  [DEBUGGER] gdb

>I've recieved a Core dump when my MUD crashed, but I can't get the
>freakin' gdb-debugger to read it. What should I type if I am located
>in the /temp/circle30bpl11/ directory. Should I type gdb /lib/core
>or something ?

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